The integrity of Ultimate depends on each player’s responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should remain paramount.

The History of MUDA

Ultimate Frisbee has been a part of the Memphis alternative sports scene off and on for a few decades.  There was a high school league held on Saturdays in the spring at Shelby farms known as the MFA (Memphis Frisbee Association) and a loosely structured Summer League was held at Overton Park.  By the end of the loosely structured  Summer League 2012, the status quo needed to change.  The entirety of Memphis Ultimate was being run mainly by a few individuals, and, thanks to their leadership, the league had grown too large for just a few people. Sadly, only Summer League was able to be maintained and Youth League fizzled away. Memphis Ultimate Disc Association was established for the end of the 2012 season and the start of the 2013 season.  The first year consisted of running summer league, establishing a competitive, open, club team, and creating goals to grow the sport of ultimate in Memphis.  Fast forward 5 years, to 2018, summer league has grown into a well oiled machine that promotes the growth of the sport in the community. There are regular pickup game across Shelby county in g the Spring, Summer, and Fall, The University of Memphis and Rhodes University have an established college club team,  The open team, Memphis Belle, has seen success in the club series and we have added two mixed teams, Hustle and Flow and Turmoil to the Memphis Ultimate scene.  High School Ultimate is back in Memphis, resurfacing after an 8 year drought with plans to have new teams join every year.  Memphis Soul Series is a hat tournament series that happens in the off seasons to fill the void as well as a newly establish Goaltimate League... played INDOORS!  We are constantly making goals and through a community effort, we have met those goals.   Today MUDA looks forward to continuing the growth of Ultimate in the Memphis community.



MUDA Mission Statement: Advance the sport of ultimate in Memphis while developing, enhancing, and promoting character, community and a healthy lifestyle.