Michael Parker



Abigail Tankersly



Marshall Hatcher

Summer League Coordinator


Kathleen Quinlen

Youth League Coordinator


Katy Fuqua

Tournament Coordinator


Gavi Perl

Vice President


Brooks Anderson



Kierston Hill

Summer League Coordinator


Ryan Manus

Youth League Coordinator/ University of Memphis Captain and Coach


Sam Peter

Goaltimate Coordinator


Lindsay Payne

Social Media and Website Coordinator


Andrew Williams

Vice President


Erica Stoltz



Maggie Poali

Summer League Coordinator


Robert Stroup

Field Coordinator


Josh Moore

Goaltimate Coordinator


Updated September 2018



Acting representation of MUDA to any and all outside organizations unless a specific coordinator is listed otherwise. Responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining MUDA's 501C-3 status and formal organizational standing with Shelby County, holding accountable and consistent communication with all coordinators, directing meetings, coordinating Board approval processes for MUDA proposals, delegating tasks to appropriate parties and/or finding volunteers accordingly, seeking new opportunities for outreach within the community, etc. President and Vice President have access to the MUDA P.O. box at the Crosstown Post Office and should check regularly.  Ensure that yearly insurance policy is obtained for all necessary leagues (work with all League Coordinators). The President is a voting member of the board.

Vice President

All responsibilities of the President are shared with the Vice President according to the President’s delegation. It is recommended that the Vice President be privy to all goings-on of the President and to be an acting double of the position should circumstances require such representation. The Vice President is responsible for communicating with college and club ultimate teams to appoint representatives. Vice President and President have access to P.O. box at the Crosstown Post Office and should check regularly. The Vice President is a voting member of the board.


Responsible for calling quarterly meetings, assembling meeting agendas, documenting minutes, and distributing information to the MUDA body.  Monitor and perform general upkeep of the MUDA listserv (MailChimp). Update and perform general upkeep of MUDA Google Drive. The Secretary is a voting member of the board.


Responsible for maintaining an up to date and accurate account of MUDA funds whether those be located in a authorized web-based account, a business bank account, or any other account. The treasurer will coordinate access to the accounts for the president and vice president.  All distributions of funds will be issued by the Treasurer upon direction of the President. The Treasurer is a voting member of the board.


Responsible for providing the tie-breaking vote on the board. Counsel the decisions and directions of the organization. It is recommended that this position be reserved for nominees who have previously served in a leadership role in MUDA. The Maester is a voting member of the board.


Youth Ultimate Coordinator (at least 2)

There should be two (2) or more coordinators dedicated to the high school ultimate community around Memphis. These coordinators are responsible for planning, formatting, and scheduling the annual Youth League.  This includes being present during scheduled league play, communicating regularly with the coaches, captains, and parents, collecting payment/liability waivers, and taking end of season surveys. These coordinators should also work with the outreach coordinator/committee to promote the growth of ultimate to all kids in Memphis and the surrounding areas (this could include youth clinics, fundraising to support youth teams, etc.)  Beneficial if the Youth Ultimate Coordinator(s) has an understanding of and/or connections with Memphis area schools.

Summer League Coordinator (3)

There should be three (3) coordinators and preferably one should have previous experience as a league coordinator. These coordinators are responsible for the flagship enterprise of MUDA: the arrangement of the annual summer league. These positions are responsible for all aspects of planning, organizing, and executing a successful summer league. Coordinators should be vocal, quick to communicate, able to problem solve, self-starters, and ultimately accountable individuals.  Communicate with Fields Coordinator, Social Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, etc. to ensure league is successful.

Goaltimate League Coordinator (2)

There should be two (2) Goaltimate League Coordinators.  Responsible for the arrangement of goaltimate leagues. This position is responsible for all aspects of planning, organizing, and executing successful goaltimate leagues. These coordinators should be vocal, quick to communicate, problem solvers, self-starters, and ultimately accountable individuals.

Social Media Channel/Web Coordinator

This person is responsible for maintaining MUDA's social media presence. They should be able to keep up several social media accounts and be well-versed in the art of disseminating information. The Social Media Coordinator is a resource for the other coordinators to announce updates, market events, post leagues and sign-up information, etc.  Responsible for upkeep of Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. The Web Coordinator aspect of this joint role is as follows: Responsible for the upkeep of the url (memphisultimate.com). This coordinator should be web-savvy and have a mind for an attractive website. This person should be a self-starter, readily available to support the other coordinators, and offer insight into digital event marketing.  All coordinators should communicate clearly with Social Media Coordinator to ensure quick and effective delivery of information.

Fields Coordinator

Responsible for representing the interests of MUDA with regard to field requirements for any and all events handled by MUDA. The field coordinator should develop and maintain active relationships with those governing the fields in and around Memphis. A working knowledge of field availability and cost is needed year round. The field coordinator is a resource for all other coordinators.

Tournament Coordinator

The Tournament Coordinator is responsible for directing any tournaments arranged by MUDA not  affiliated with any specific MUDA league event. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: fee collection, facility arrangement, tournament structure, waivers, communications, etc. The Tournament Coordinator is a resource for other coordinators. It is expected that the tournament coordinator plan, organize, and execute regular Fall through Spring hat tournaments with the aim of community

Outreach Coordinator/Committee (will select and lead committee)

One (1) Outreach Coordinator to be voted on during elections.  Outreach Coordinator will select, with input and advice from the MUDA board, a set of committee members (TBD; coordinator can choose amount of committee members they see fit).  Reach out to USAU Youth Coordinator to create opportunities for Memphis youth. The Coordinator will be responsible for delegating and organizing the efforts of the Committee, with the mission of utilizing MUDA resources for outreach and inclusion.  Beneficial to have Committee members of different ages, genders, races/ethnicities. Aim to include people in Memphis who normally would not have any connections or paths to play Ultimate.

  • Goals and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  1. Arrange a budget proposal.

  2. Create a scope (i.e. focused on Memphis city youth, women, etc.) with affiliated budget proposal for the new MUDA year.

  3. Have consistent meetings with the Outreach Committee to ensure goals are being met.

  4. Utilize all board members to ensure goals are being met.

Sponsorship & Social Event Coordinator

Work with League Coordinators to obtain sponsorships from restaurants, businesses, etc.  Coordinate social interaction opportunities for post-league play. These should be open for all ages.  Work with Outreach Committee to discuss utilization of resources. Communicate with Youth Coordinators for potential social events.

College/Club Team Representatives

A representative for each Memphis-Area college/club team should be found. The positions should be offered to the individual teams (MUDA VP responsible for handling this) but the individuals should be chosen by the teams themselves. It would be wise for the representatives to not also serve in other roles in MUDA simultaneously. Neither college nor club teams fall under MUDA supervisions. College teams will report directly to their Club Sports department, and the Club teams are run by individual team leadership. Representatives are advantageous as MUDA can provide valuable consulting and contacts but neither college nor club teams can directly benefit from the organization’s non-profit status.